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Welcome to Shelu!

So –  who we are, why Shelu, and what offer.


Hi friends,


Welcome to the very first Shelu blog post. To kick things off, we’d like to spend a little time introducing ourselves and sharing some more information about why we are so passionate about fairtrade and organic practices – and how these things can have such a big impact on our lives. So, let’s dive in!


Who are we?

We are a husband and wife team named Adam and Elizabeth based in Sydney, Australia.


A true country boy at heart, Adam has always had an appreciation for natural products. He maintains a special interest in the process in which these products are created, and is a passionate advocate for manufacturing of items that support local communities without causing harm to the environment.


A natural born philanthropist, Elizabeth spent her early years volunteering her time to support various community projects and working with refugees, before later going on to work across development projects in Uganda, Mozambique and South Africa. Here, she volunteered in orphanages, supported the intervention of human trafficking and assisted in a number of key awareness campaigns that changed the lives of countless people in some of the world’s most disadvantaged communities.


The common thread? We love people, and we’re passionate about supporting them to use what’s in their hands to achieve their dreams and their meaning of success – which brings us to our next point!


Why Shelu?

Over the last two years, we have been searching for different ways we could add value to the community that we live in – and it has long been one of our dreams to support those around us to live their best life possible. But how could we make this a reality?

After spending many nights complaining about our own bed sheets, (the cost of them, and how a high thread count does not necessarily mean luxurious!) we decided to look into where our sheets come from and how they are made, and what we found was seriously depressing.


We found that so many of the major retailers in Australia are not fair trade companies, and that a lot of the practices used take advantage of vulnerable communities with little alternative than to accept the unfair conditions which they were often subject to.


As for the companies that are fairtrade, a lot of their products can be vastly expensive, with a price point which many simply aren’t be able to afford. Buy why? We didn’t believe that bed sheets needed to be fairtrade OR affordable, so we made it our mission to make our own!


What we offer

With a clear goal in mind, we set about creating a budget-friendly alternative for those looking to support fair trade practices and enjoy the luxury of 100% cotton sheets – and just like that, Shelu was born!


As a small, grassroots organisation, we offer continuous employment opportunities for our friends around the world while ensuring our practices remain transparent, ethical and altogether supportive of our greater mission.


From the local farmers planting our crops to the manufacturers weaving cotton into yarn and producing our beloved bed sheets, the entire Shelu team receives a fair wage and secure employment in alignment with internationally recognised standards.


Meaning? A better night’s sleep for all!


Love Shelu



Interested in learning more about fairtrade or organic products, or tips for a good night’s sleep? Let us know the topics you’d like to see featured on the Shelu blog by posting in the comments section or sending a message to We’d love to hear from you!



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