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Styling the Perfect Bedroom

Let’s talk about that perfect bed-room you have always wished of creating. 

The National Sleep Foundation in America conducted a study on 1500 adults in 2011 on what makes for a better night’s sleep. The study-group was shocked to discover that having a made-bed could give you a 19% better chance of a good night’s sleep. And when the Better Sleep Council recommends that room styling is taken seriously! Let’s face it the inside of your bedroom is the last thing you see before you drift off into a peaceful sleep.

If you ever needed a reason to splurge a little on your bedroom, well now you have it.

Have you ever looked at a home magazine and thought to yourself, gosh I wish I knew how to style a room like that? Well today, we have you covered with luxurious, yet classic ideas for your bedroom.

Following some basic styling rules, you too can make your bedroom look this good, here is how we got here:

One set of sheets (Shelu of course!)

2-3 Throw Pillows

Of course more if you would like. Make sure these pillows go with the overall mood you are looking to create. Personally I am obsessed with a warmer, more earthly colour pallet but soft pastel colours are proven to help relax you, if you want to throw some of them in.

A bedside table


We have doubled up with a plant and flowers but take your pick – studies have shown that having plants in your life can help you process stress better;


I would always suggest choosing something that resembles you – but again make sure it goes with the colour theme and is something you find calming to look at;

Bedside ornament

As with art, try to go for something that helps you relax yet also ties in with the colour tones; and

The rest is up to you!

Love, Shelu.

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