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Helping you Sleep

Here at Shelu we are genuinely committed to helping you sleep better, WHY? I have previously struggled with sleep health myself and I am passionate about helping others do the same.

Lauren Hale, who an Associate Professor of Preventive Medicine and board member of the National Sleep Foundation – says that generally people who have more opportunities and more control over their lives are better sleepers. So how does someone become a better sleeper? Here are some tips we have found that revolutionised our sleep:


Breathing this is nothing new, people have known about the benefits of breathing control for a while now. What we have only discovered recently however is how to make breathing exercises a part of our daily routine, here is a link to some of our favourites.

Screen time

You may have heard or read about this, and it is so important… Lauren Hale has put the challenge out to all of us, ‘going screen-less’ for a few hours before you get into bed each night.

Empty your thoughts 

We are often juggling a million times at a time. It is often when we lie down in bed and try and fall asleep that every positive and negative thought or to do list comes flooding back in. A solution – before you get into bed write a tomorrow list.

Everything that is on your mind write it down. Start with 5 minutes and if you need longer take it. Once you shut your eyes and other thoughts flood in – hop out of bed and start writing. An odd thing happens over time, as you practice you actually get better at emptying your thoughts. 

I would love to hear from you and what remedies you use! 

Elizabeth x

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