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Smaller is the New Style

Do you live in an apartment or smaller space and do not want to sacrifice style. Read on to find out a few of my personal tips. 

I am a Sydney lady, and since moving out of home at 23 I have lived in some SMALL apartments. 

Regardless of the size,  there are always a few tricks to make it look a little bit bigger, a little bit more homey. 

Here are a few of mine:

Mirrors. Mirrors. Mirrors. 

Fill the space with as many mirrors as possible. It will help make the space feel bigger, especially in the bedroom. And you can make mirrors a beautiful centre piece.

Bedside table on one side

If you are strapped for space and would still like somewhere to store your most recent book, candles, a pot plant or just a glass of water, why not consider having a bedside table on only one side.

It is the best of both worlds, you have the styling of your bedroom but you are not limited by the space constraint.

And if a bedside table is still too much, why not consider some greenery.  An inside plant takes up barely any space and brings a sense of airiness and solitude.

Mounted bedside lights

In a bedroom, lighting important in setting the mood and general ambience and can take up no space at all. By mounting lights on the wall you are using the existing space and adding a much needed accessary.


Finally my suggestion would be go bright and all white.

I would love to see photos of how you have transformed the spaces you live in.

Elizabeth x

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