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A day with a cup of tea

A cup of tea is relaxing and brings a sense of serenity. 


When I think of a cup of tea, it brings memories of a comforting, warm happy place that I would like to visit every-day.

I am a tea lover and I have to admit I was not always this way. I did not grow up in a household of tea lovers and from 16 onwards I was a cup of coffee a day kind of lady.

And then something changed when I hit my mid 20s. I am not sure if it was because my metabolism was changing or I was becoming more attune to the needs of my body and I slowly and truly fell in love with tea.

I also began to learn that there is a cup of tea for anytime of the day. Tea is delicious all year round, it can do wonders for your digestive system.  Promote relaxation when you need it most and enhance the favour of food. 

For anyone new to the world of tea drinking, remember try to not drink tea on a completely empty stomach, if it contains caffeine it can stimulate the production of acidic enzymes, which can cause discomfort.

This is me and my tea drinking habits throughout the day!

A Morning Afresh 

I like to start the day, with a rich black tea.  It provides the pick me up at the beginning of the day, while warming my hands on the cool winter mornings. And for anyone wanting to reduce or eliminate their coffee consumption, this provides an excellent alternative.  


A form of green tea is usually my go-to. One of my favourite is any kind of green jasmine and I just love to add a touch honey.

Very new to me is matcha, and I am still learning about all of the health benefits.

Did you know when you drink matcha you are actually ingesting the entire leaf? This means zero waste and you receive 100% of the nutrients of the leaf. Matcha brewed tea has 137 time more antioxidants than a regular cup of brewed tea!

For those you have not tried it, I will warn you the taste may take some time to become acquired and for a mid morning tea stop I would recommend giving it a whirl.


Afternoon pick me up 

As afternoon approaches I am always after a remedy for perk me back up to power through the final few hours of my day and everyday go to, usually is a milky tea – AND maybe a tam-tam or 2.

If you are suffering a food baby or intestine discomfort an excellent tea therapy is pu erh tea. Pu erh is a type of tea that is mainly produced in south-western China. It contains caffeine like a green, oolong or black tea, however the difference is that green is not fermented, black tea is fully fermented and Pu-erh tea is post fermented. Pu-erh is aged under high humidity.  This can often cause it to smell musty or taste stale and in some cultures it is used as medicine. 

Early Evening 

And finally as we approach later in the evening my go to as all times in a herbal tea, with no caffeine. A few suggestions; chamomile tea for relaxation and if you want to add a fancy touch, why not try with a hint of lemon. Also if peppermint is your favourite, try with a dash of lemongrass and if a zesty end to the day – I would recommend cinnamon and orange.

Well that is me and my love of tea, I would love to hear what gets you through the day. Send me an email at


If you are after organic, Fairtrade tea take a look at LoveTea or Tielka. Both have incredible, inspiring stores of why they do what they do.


Elizabeth xx

Photo Credit: Fine Art America. 

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