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Our Story

Founded by husband and wife team Elizabeth and Adam, Shelu was born from a belief that each and every purchase plays an important part in shaping the world around us. From the food we eat to the clothes we wear, and even the sheets we sleep in, we truly believe that the way we shop casts a vote for the world we want to live in.

However, when it came to sourcing beautiful bed sheets, we soon found that our options were seriously limited. It seemed to be a trade-off between ethics and quality, and we were shocked to learn that there was so little choice for something we all sleep in, every single night!


The better alternative

The deeper we dug, the more we realised how dire the situation really was — and we knew that we needed to do something. We knew that we wanted to provide the Australian consumer with a better alternative, but we quickly realised that we could also solve part of a wider problem.

Having spent much of her life supporting various charities and foundations around the world, Elizabeth possessed a strong understanding of some of the many social injustices and challenges faced by workers in developing countries, and wanted to find a way to combine her love of luxury bed sheets with her passion for helping others. Driven by a desire to bring about real change and offer new opportunities to those who need it most, we began setting the wheels in motion to bring the Shelu dream to life.


A better night's sleep for all

Before long, we had established a series of key connections with local communities and engaged a manufacturing team to support our goal of 100% fairtrade practices. That means that from the local farmers planting our crops to the manufacturers weaving cotton into yarn and producing our beloved bed sheets, the entire Shelu team receives a fair wage and secure employment in alignment with internationally recognised standards.

Now, as a small, grassroots organisation, we strive to continue offering employment opportunities for our friends around the world while ensuring our practices remain transparent, ethical and altogether supportive of our mission of creating a better night’s sleep for all.

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